Sell Auto Notes

Sell Auto Notes In 5 Easy Steps

Sell Auto Notes BHPH Accounts In 5 Easy Steps

A simple way to decide if selling some of your BHPH Notes can improve your cash flow is to answer this question. “If my dealership had all the cash available that it needed, what would I do with all that cash?” chances are you would answer, meet payroll, pay bills, buy more inventory, pay tax obligations, maybe even expand to another location. If the thought of having that cash available to you helps lift some of the stress off your shoulders. Then selling some of your Buy Here Pay Here Accounts can very likely be the answer you are looking for.

Five Easy Steps to Turn Your Auto Notes Into Cash.


  1. Send in the data, most modern DMS systems are able to do a data export that you can send in. Systems such as Frazer, Wayne Reeves, and Dealer Center for example.
  2. After reviewing the data we will provide you with an offer on your accounts. This is usually within 48 hours.
  3. If you accept our offer, send in your documents for review
  4. We review the documents for compliance.
  5. Send in the final closing documents for funding.


What are the benefits of selling your auto notes?

       It does not create debt on your balance sheet.
     It increases your purchasing power, enabling you to do more business.
Eliminates the need for bank loans or SBA Loans.
Improves your credit rating, and gives you cash to meet your obligations.
Eliminates using equipment, real estate, or inventory for collateral.
Saves on your in-house staff costs.
Presents a professional image to your clients.
Eliminates the need for venture capitalists or partners that share in decision-making and profits.
Sell ALL of your receivables or only the ones you choose.
Stop factoring any time you choose without termination penalties.
Start again any time you need the service.

Sell Auto Notes

  1. Our Bulk Purchase Program is Simple and Straight Forward
  2. Quick funding is Available to Assist your Immediate Cash Flow Needs.
  3. We Have No Limits to the Portfolio.
  4. We Have NO Vehicle or Mileage Restrictions, Any Year, Make, Model of Vehicle

Turn Your Receivables Into Cash Today!

  • Accounts must be 60 days aged
  • Accounts Submitted for Purchase Must be Contractually Current.

portfolio sale is the sale of a large group of related financial assets in a single transaction. A portfolio sale sometimes called a “bulk sale,” is a common way for buy here pay here dealers to raise extra capital without the need for a bank loan or adding on extra debt.


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According to Wikipedia

Due to the high upfront cost of securing inventory, automobile dealerships frequently have a problem managing their cash flow. Often, used car dealerships purchase inventory using a retail floorplan, a type of specialty line of credit, that typically requires the automobile to be paid off in full within 90 days of purchase.

This means that automobile dealers use loans to finance their operations and therefore have an interest in selling vehicles as quickly as possible in order to use the proceeds to pay off the loan rather than paying off the loan out of their working capital.

One difficulty that this presents to BHPH dealers is that when they sell a vehicle to a BHPH customer the RFC needs to produce the loan funds so the dealership will have the funds to pay off the line of credit on that automobile.

Often a ‘cash crunch’ is a primary reason for dealerships to go out of business.

Avoid the CASH Crunch, sell some receivables and get cash today instead of waiting to be paid back a little at a time.

Let’s look At The Math


Sell Auto Notes Examples


Sell Auto Notes                                    sell bhph notes


In the above example Selling the Auto Note after holding it for 6 months brings a positive cash flow of $3,991. The example on the right shows that after 6 months you are still negative $2,089 and have 6 months more to break even. A lot can happen to a BHPH customer in a year. With the ability to sell auto notes and getting your cash upfront you eliminate your risk, get your cash and your profit back sooner, and are able to buy more cars and repeat the process.